Social & Coaching

Leadership training and coaching are inherently social, so why has that been lacking online? Access a range of features for coach, facilitator and peer interactions that amplify engagement, motivation, outcomes and ROI.

Integrated Live Video Sessions
Learners can easily enter any live Zoom group coaching or training call in one click. These can be inside of courses or stand-alone. Reminders are automated and include messages that go to email and notifications. All events can be automatically synced to any calendar.
Commenting & Awesomes
Learners and instructors can easily share support and insights with Comments and 'Awesomes'. Comment on a learner's response to a course exercise; on a post in the learning activity feed; or on a recorded group video call.
1:1 Coach Booking
Coaching and facilitation are the glue and support that ignite outcomes in learning and development. Admins can setup coaching availability with one or more coaches, and add one or more coaching blocks to any course step. Learners can easily book a session. Experience the power of Coach Booking on DSD!
Divide groups into teams or cohorts to encourage shared learning and to maximize engagement. Team members can support each other in one or more courses. They also have their own team page for messaging and a team learning activity feed.
Activity Stream
For powerful group learning, enable the activity feed feature to share important new resources (like articles or videos) during or in between courses. Course activity is also automatically captured on this dynamic feed for learner & instructor/coach commenting.
Native messaging on DSD is a powerful tool for communication and accountability. Users can message individuals or multiple people in one thread. There is also one-click team, group, and even course messaging on both web and mobile.
Narrative Paths
Your narrative path is your authentic journey throughout your life. It's something that is great for cultivating communities so people can learn about one another and share insights about their lives before they connect in the community learning environment. You can edit that path anytime you want.
Supporters/ Mentors/ Coaches
A supporter (or buddy) is someone inside or outside the group that will be notified whenever a participant completes a step (exercise) on a course. They can share support and feedback with comments. This can amplify a supportive learning environment.
Discover People
Create and cultivate your learning community. The 'People' page connects learners with instructors, coaches, and peers. This is more than a typical social platform. View individual life progressions and connect on an authentic level during the learning journey.