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Dashboards & Reporting

Know when to support your learners with dashboards that dynamically follow participants' progress. Reports visualize critical measurements and highlight learning engagement (all reports can be downloaded).

Course Engagement Dashboard
This is your quick, clean, birds-eye view of learners' progress. See when they have completed a step (ie: exercise, activity, or practice), a course, and how much support they have received with comments. Easily give feedback and request revisions.
Calendar & Activity Timeline
Easily view information about past activity (events and course work) and future events. The Calendar displays green dots for completed steps and pink ones for future events, with a timeline of activity below. The cal can be synced with any cloud calendar in 2 clicks.
Group Engagement Reports
Quickly see a summary of participants’ engagement across all of their courses within a group. Assess which learners are most engaged and which ones may require more support and encouragement. Data is visualized and downloadable.
Course Engagement Reports
Utilize two dynamic and robust default reports: engagement and responses. First, see learners' engagement across multiple metrics like: exercise responses (video, text, etc), comments, video view, and more. Response reports have details of all response types.
Competency Assessment Dashboard
Leverage our powerful, 1-to-1 competency-based assessment feature. Create a rubric and assess your learners' competency across any range of dimensions or scales. Use the handy dashboard to assess and review results.
Form Dashboard
Quickly view visualized data for our powerful native self assessments, right-or-wrong quizzes and polls. All data is also downloadable with additional fields to share outcomes with external stakeholders or for other desired usage.