Meet Our Team!

We love our people. (We think you will too.)

Our human centered approach doesn’t stop at design
We hire committed and heart-centered professionals with diverse perspectives, backgrounds, and expertise.

Together, we create a culture that centers kindness, skill, and collaboration. 

The result?
A better product, stronger client outcomes, and a more meaningful experience for our team. 

Our platform is designed by humans for humans. 

“The more connected we are as a team, the better we collaborate.
The better we collaborate, the better we meet the unique and diverse needs of our clients.”
The Dream Team
A typical day at DSD looks like this….
Our team is global…
So work happens at home, at a coworking space, or while traveling!
Mornings start with different rituals and routines
We collaborate remotely on the daily…
We connect in person at least twice a year for retreats and deep dives
Our monthly team meeting are a chance to strengthen ourselves as a group
Professional development
Professional development is offered to everyone
Lana Jelenjev
Lana Jelenjev is a content and community builder with a strong background in training and education with children and adults. Lana provides our client-partners training, support and best in class blended/virtual learning design. She also co-designs communities of practice, and has a real knack for looking at the big picture and distilling it into actionable steps. Her mission is to create a culture of learning and engagement.She has taught internationally on a range of topics and is the co-author of two books: 'The 90 Day Action Planner' & 'Community Builders' - both workbooks for creatives to bring out their ideas to tangible goals and aligned actions.