Practice & Reflection

The heartbeat of Dream See Do. Unlike any other platform, choose from a wide range of response types that learners can use to complete an exercise or assignment, enabling expression and variety in people’s practice and reflections for learning that sticks.

Admin Setup of Response Types
Easily choose up to 8 ways (video, text, audio, image, document, etc.) for your learners to respond to your exercise prompts. This gives participants the agency to choose the way they want to respond, practice, and learn.
Leverage this powerful tool for practice and reflection by easily recording a video (web or mobile) as a response to any course exercise or assignment. These recordings can be viewed and commented on by coaches and peers, depending on how your learning group is setup.
Text Response & Journaling
Journaling and writing are some of the most powerful reflection and practice tools for learning that sticks. Only DSD provides contextual text responses to any course exercise or assignment, supported by instructors and peers.