Learner Engagement

Learners want an exquisite experience. Engaging exercises, content, and events should be at their fingertips, not 3 clicks away. Explore how to empower participants to feel motivated and in a flow on DSD!

Learners are able to choose from a range of response types when they complete a question, exercise, activity, or assignment (found in any step). These response types include text, video, audio, files, images, Google Docs and Google Doc Templates, and ‘Mark as Done’ Course authors select one or more options for their learners. This flexibility enables a wider range of reflection, expression, and variety in people’s responses.
Up Next
1 click and in: Learners are automatically served up their most relevant content in the 'Up Next' feed. Current courses, activities and upcoming events all show in a prioritized order. Ease to the max!
Learning Nudges
Step reminders are similar to course reminders. They can be used to congratulate a participant for completing the previous step, or for sharing a custom message and reminder about the next step exercise they will be working on, or event they will attend.
It's vital that we meet people where they live, and a learner-centric mobile app is a key ingredient. Learners can quickly tap into assignments, exercises and events in the main Up Next feed tab on the app. Quickly respond to learning nudges with video, text, and image reflections on the go.