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The best in class platform to deliver the highest quality, engaging blended learning.

World class design tools to seamlessly create your dream custom experiences.

Interactive features that bring the learning alive.

Elevating Blended Learning

Creators are the core of our platform so we have a new offering just for you!

A unified experience
for blended learning
We offer a space to create the most advanced and enhanced blended experiences on the planet. Show your clients and teams what is possible for the future of work.

We are building a community of practice for trailblazers in Adult Learning & Development, available by invite or application. The first 100 people to join will also gain free access to our one-of-a-kind platform. Space is limited, so apply now to join the Always Learning Professional Hub (ALPH):

Key Benefits

Agile & Flexible
Create engaging experiences with measurable outcomes on our intuitive platform in a fraction
of the time.

Cohort learning with
our proven
CPR Learning Model

The experience is the learning
Leverage the  CPR Learning Flywheel™,
our scientifically researched learning model,
to design deeper learning that sticks.

One topic to focus
on per month 

Elevate Your Craft
Our mission is to empower you to serve your learners in the most seamless and scalable way possible.  
We do this by helping you leverage our innovative and unique tools.

An opportunity to deepen
learning with additional
coaching and in-flow training

DSD’s Simplified Pricing

Our one simple, admin fee gives you access to all of our features. Leverage every best-in-class tool for engagement, nudging, reflection, group & individual coaching sessions, and more.
The Creator Plan

1 learning group & 1 admin

$7 per unique active user per month

One 1-hour onboarding session

*Additional materials includes: videos, quick start guides, DSD experience design principles, etc

Standard email support


Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about the product and billing.
What is a Learning Group?
A “Learning Group” is defined as a container for all learning activities (courses, events, etc) on the platform that has its own unique subdomain, features, branding, and users. Clients can use learning groups for different purposes, including for: a large client; an open enrollment group; testing new courses; or for templates.
What is an Active Monthly User?
An “Active Monthly User” is any account with a unique username and password that may access your content using the DSD Platform and logs into the platform in any given month to use the platform - usage is measured monthly.
What other services can I purchase?
Dream See Do offers a range of additional licensing and service options to help you enhance and scale your work further if you desire. These include:
  • Additional discounts with bulk user license purchases
  • Immersive White Labeling:
  • Hybrid Coaching/Facilitation Training
What are the cancellation terms?
Clients may terminate their Dream See Do subscription License at any time for any or no reason without a refund. To cancel a License, please visit your payment settings within your Dream See Do Account profile located at If you have canceled your Dream See Do License, you will lose access to all features of the Service.Clients, in their discretion, may terminate the access any of their authorized Users has to the Service at any time. Termination of a User’s access to the Service can be effected by the Administrator by removing the User’s account from the groups and courses they manage with the assignment feature located at

Please see this link for our full Term of Service
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