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A best-in-class
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For people who don’t want to sit back and watch another boring video.

Easily access world-class training & coaching providers, delivered on our one-of-a-kind platform, all seamlessly integrated into your existing systems.

Immerse yourself in a more meaningful and holistic approach to leadership development, in key areas like:
Emotional Intelligence
Psychological Safety
Team Building
Meet a few of our
top partners
These content experts work at the intersection of personal and professional growth, offering programs that shift minds, change habits, and propel leaders across all industries.

Develop your decision-makers, engage your people, build a winning culture,
and achieve breakthrough results tied directly to your strategic objectives.
PowerSpeaking® is designed to help individuals and teams realize their potential through powerful communication skills.
TalentSmartEQ offers the most powerful approach to develop EQ to improve both business and life skills.
We are Open Circle
Transforming organizations into adaptable, on-purpose, value-aligned ecosystems. Rapidly accelerating teams and leaders toward their generative potential, during the most challenging moments in any business's lifecycle.
A Platform Designed for Your Needs
Learn from experts
Our programs are led by the top thought-leading instructors, facilitators, and coaches in the world. By carefully curating our provider list, we are able to offer organizations the best in personal and professional development.
Interact with a cohort  
Build stronger teams by enabling people to connect, share insights, and support one another as they learn. The more connected a learner feels to their content, facilitator, and cohort, the more likely they are to leave with new skills and wisdom.
Participate from anywhere
Our web platform and mobile app make content easy to access from just about anywhere. Employees can participate in courses during their workday, at home, and even during their commute.
Tailor your content
We go beyond a one-size-fits-all approach, focusing instead on an adaptive learning experience. Course creators can personalize lessons, activities, and assessments according to employee needs and organizational goals.
Boost retention & engagement
Employees get access to a motivating learning environment with stronger outcomes and better retention. Learners get access to opportunities for critical practice and reflection through rich content and powerful coaching.
There is nothing like finding an online learning platform that aligns with your mission. Learn more about our ethos here.