Roles & Provisioning

Dream See Do has you, your clients, and all learners covered with a diverse range of roles and permissions. Leverage our clean assignment feature to invite one or many people to any object (learning group, course, team, etc.) in just a few clicks.

Learning Groups
Private spaces for your learners, courses, resources, and activity can be switched in just 1 click. These engaging groups are used for a larger client, or specific type of course, like Open Enrollment or Certificate Programs for example. Enjoy the flexibility and tracking of learning groups.
With Dream See Do, it's easy to invite and assign people to your programs. Assign with email, upload a CSV file with learners email accounts, or quickly grab a course or group invite link in seconds!
From global or course assignment, easily see who is already assigned and manage them in courses, groups and teams: remove, delete (unassign) and reassign them with a few keystrokes.
Group Overview
Courses and Learners can be broken out into separate "groups," Groups have editable settings, assignees, marketing materials, etc...