Authoring & Building

Easily create and manage all of your learning experiences in one place: step-by-step courses; coaching sessions; and powerful blended workshops with self assessments. Invite admins and experts to collaborate and automate your programs with custom messages and reminders.

Steps are the containers for course material. They can include text, video, audio or embedded content of any kind. They have dynamic reminders to nudge participants to continue their progress.
Course Templates & Linked Content
Utilize Templates to clone courses and link content. Updating any content blocks in the template will update the blocks in the clone. Also, if you add or remove a step to a template, it will be reflected in any clone.
Course editors can create sections, which are like folders, holding as many steps (exercises or activities) you desire. You can brand them with our range of beautiful colors or use your own palette.
Group Resources/Library
Add and share resources in one simple and clean location. Easily search by type, tag, and keyword. Participants can rate them to indicate if they are valuable. Now all your materials live in one place alongside your courses.
Course Authoring
Native authoring tools to create interactive, step-by-step learning experiences that include a range of content (video, live video sessions, audio, files, images etc.) and expressive response types (text, video, images, files, Google Docs, etc).
Leverage forms to create surveys, polls, quizzes, and competency-based assessments for measurable results. Designed explicitly for training and coaching, they can be used 'stand-alone' for things like overall program feedback and NPS, or within courses for self assessment and evaluation.
Create and add powerful assessments to any course (or as a stand-alone survey). Track learners' progress and growth with the visualized data that can also be downloaded in one click.
Fully integrated live events are here! Schedule and track live video and in-person sessions with email reminders - on web and mobile. Launch integrated Zoom events in one click; cloud recordings automatically land in DSD for viewing & commenting.